Advanced Batteries could Result in a more Efficient Fleet!

As an owner of a trucking company, you should always be looking for ways to improve your services, your commercial trucks, and the productivity of your employees. However, what if a new test could result in cost savings, reliable travel, and more efficient vehicles? This is what the volt Lithium-Ion batteries could do in the near future.

In recent news, the U.S. Army has awarded Calstart a contract to test twelve volt Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries in commercial trucks. The chemistry involved could result in fuel savings and greater electrification of trucks. This is the first time a military battery configuration will be tested in commercial fleets. By conducting thorough tests and research on the electric cell, this data could lead to improved energy efficiency and reduced dependence on oil for tractor trailers.

Calstart will begin by testing different Li-Ion chemistries made by three different manufacturers in order to assess which delivers the best performance and reliability on multiple terrains. If the estimations are accurate, this batter technology should withstand the long hours on the road along with fewer replacements, which is what trucking companies need. If the switch to these containers occurs, then productivity could increase as well as timely transports and exports by trucks.

As a professional in the trucking industry, it is your job to make sure all your truckers are safe on the road, especially when it comes to the operation of the battery. Although these changes won’t happen for a couple years, would your drivers know how to handle an issue involving the battery? In addition to training them to solve this kind of problem, your entire fleet should be thoroughly covered with the truck insurance to avoid serious financial loss due to an accident or injury.

At Wolpert Insurance, we have access to U.S. Department of Transportation fleet safety inspectors to help make sure you avoid fines due to failing to comply with federal regulations. If an accident, injury, or liability issue arises due to a mishap, you can be confident in our team to help you find affordable, comprehensive coverage options.