Carrier Registration System Changes and What that Means for Your Trucking Company

At Wolpert Insurance, we make every effort to remain updated on changing regulations for your trucking company. Our commitment to protecting you from the unique risks is priority, and part of this mission is understanding what the regulation alterations mean. This is especially true when they have to do with your safety.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will release the revisions to the Unified Registration System for trucking operations soon. What does this mean? Although not all the details to the final version are available, we know the new regime will combine several programs that track identification, registration, and financial responsibility into a single process. This will be functional online, and will require registrants to update their information every two years.

The administration proposed to identify carriers by their Department of Transportation number. In addition, it suggested that carriers use their Motor Carrier numbers for business and advertising. This means you would not have to remove number from your trucks, but until the new rule is finalized, it may be best to not include them on new or painted vehicles.

Another proposal being discussed is for private carriers that haul hazardous materials to show that they meet financial requirements. Carrying these kinds of materials is very dangerous should an accident or collision occur on the road. The administration realizes this fact, which is why they have been pushing this rule. It is part of an effort to help keep better track of “chameleon” carriers, or those who go against the system by re-registering under a different identity.

Our agents hope this information helps you prepare your company. In addition to staying updated on regulation changes, you should also make sure your fleet insurance is sufficient. The friendly team here is happy to help you by answering any of your questions or concerns. Contact us today to receive a policy you expect and deserve!