Tips to Save on Gas as the Massachusetts Governor calls for change in the Transportation Bill

Did you hear that Gov. Deval Patrick tried to alter the transportation bill? Although he was heard out on his proposition, legislative leaders rejected the governor’s attempt to change the bill. If it were passed, it would have allowed gasoline taxes to increase if tolls were removed from the western part of the Massachusetts Turnpike.

The bill promised $800 million in new annual revenues for transportation within five years. Yet, the administration believed that the legislation fails to account for the estimated $135 million in revenue that would be lost if the particular tolls were eliminated. Therefore, Patrick announced that he could not sign the bill in its current form. He returned the bill to lawmakers so they could come up with other tax or toll options.

Whether or not the bill passes, you know your employees are always traveling across the country, and eventually, they will need to fill their tanks with gas. So what other ways can you save money besides hoping prices will go down? Here are some tips on ways to improve mileage on your trucks:

  • Decreasing speed from 75 to 65 mph on a commercial truck can result in an increase of one mile per gallon in fuel usage. This adds up when traveling long distances.
  • You can improve gas mileage by having a trailer that is aerodynamic. This can help improve gas mileage greatly so you can save money at the pump.
  • Don’t leave commercial trucks idling for a long period of time. In this position, the engine is still running, so it can use one gallon of fuel per hour.
  • Install special tires on your fleet to help improve gas mileage. These tires also have lower repair costs and require less maintenance.
  • Before heading out on a transport, make sure to find and take more fuel-efficient routes. Keeping up with routine maintenance can allow things to running smoothly as well.

At Wolpert Insurance, we hope these tips help you recognize the importance of saving fuel and money on the road. As you know, trucking is a dangerous profession, so keeping your employees and equipment safe should be priority. Our team can help you maintain an efficient operation with our reliable trucking insurance, which can protect you from the unique risks you face. To find out more about this policy and other risk management packages, contact us today!