Bobtail Insurance

We know how hard owner operators work to secure their futures. Let us help you protect yours with reliable bobtail insurance.

Whether you work under a permanent lease or are completely independent, owning and operating a commercial truck comes with certain challenges and risks. Some risks you can rely on such as cargo damage. Others may seem unlikely but may be just as real.

The truth is there aren’t many chances you should take when your entire livelihood revolves around one vehicle. That’s why you need bobtail insurance – to ensure your livelihood is has some form of protection.. Bobtail insurance helps to protect your tractor when it’s being used without the trailer. This type of coverage can be confused with non-trucking liability insurance, which covers your rig when it’s not being used for business purposes regardless of whether the trailer is attached.

Bobtail insurance may help offer protection from incurring the cost of medical expenses or liability for bodily injury sustained by others for which you are legally liable as a result of a covered accident and claim involving your rig without the trailer regardless of whether it’s being used for personal or business reasons. It can also cover the cost of repairing any damaged caused by your rig or to your rig when an accident occurs at any time you are considered to be “Bobtailing”.

At Wolpert Insurance, we can help you decide which type of insurance is best suited for your needs based on a number of factors we think you may wish to consider. Since we have been in the truck insurance in New England for some time, we think we can help guide you along and know exactly what questions to ask you to help you achieve your goals.  For so many, that’s having the right coverage at the right price.

About one in nine commercial trucks on the road are operating independently. Don’t drive your truck without the protection of reliable bobtail insurance to ensure if anything unforeseen were to happen, your livelihood would remain intact.

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