Tips to Save on Gas as the Massachusetts Governor calls for change in the Transportation Bill

Did you hear that Gov. Deval Patrick tried to alter the transportation bill? Although he was heard out on his proposition, legislative leaders rejected the governor’s attempt to change the bill. If it were passed, it would have allowed gasoline taxes to increase if tolls were removed from the western part of the Massachusetts Turnpike.

The bill promised $800 million in new annual revenues for transportation within five years. Yet, the administration believed that the legislation fails to account for the estimated $135 million in revenue that would be lost if the particular tolls were eliminated. Therefore, Patrick announced that he could not sign the bill in its current form. He returned the bill to lawmakers so they could come up with other tax or toll options.

Whether or not the bill passes, you know your employees are always traveling across the country, and eventually, they will need to fill their tanks with gas. So what other ways can you save money besides hoping prices will go down? Here are some tips on ways to improve mileage on your trucks:

  • Decreasing speed from 75 to 65 mph on a commercial truck can result in an increase of one mile per gallon in fuel usage. This adds up when traveling long distances.
  • You can improve gas mileage by having a trailer that is aerodynamic. This can help improve gas mileage greatly so you can save money at the pump.
  • Don’t leave commercial trucks idling for a long period of time. In this position, the engine is still running, so it can use one gallon of fuel per hour.
  • Install special tires on your fleet to help improve gas mileage. These tires also have lower repair costs and require less maintenance.
  • Before heading out on a transport, make sure to find and take more fuel-efficient routes. Keeping up with routine maintenance can allow things to running smoothly as well.

At Wolpert Insurance, we hope these tips help you recognize the importance of saving fuel and money on the road. As you know, trucking is a dangerous profession, so keeping your employees and equipment safe should be priority. Our team can help you maintain an efficient operation with our reliable trucking insurance, which can protect you from the unique risks you face. To find out more about this policy and other risk management packages, contact us today!

Distracted Driving is Even Possible with a Hands Free Phone!

With technology advancing so quickly, many people are now able to talk on their cell phones in a hands free, voice activated way. This method sounds like it would be safer for your truckers, right? Wrong. A recent study announced at the Fleet Safety Conference stated that in 2011, about 1.1 million crashes involved cell phone conversations, showing there is no benefit to them being hands-free. How can you help your drivers change their bad habits so they can remain alert and safe on the roads?

The change starts with you, the owner of the trucking company. Show your employees that you vow to not use your cell phone while driving both on the job and in your personal live. It is easier for most people to understand the physical distractions of texting and dialing a number on a cell phone, but the cognitive distractions of a hands free cell phone is a little trickier. Although your eyes remain on the road, that doesn’t mean you are totally focused on what you are doing. Instead, you are multitasking, which could present more dangers to your drivers than you realize.

Most likely, your employees spend hours on the phone during a long drive to help pass the time. But once they are done on the phone, do they ever remember the town they passed through last? When talking on a cell phone, this becomes the primary task and driving becomes the secondary task. Studies have shown that people talking on a cell phone while driving stop scanning their environment in order to identify potential hazards. In this instance, they have ultimately developed tunnel vision.

At Wolpert Insurance, we hope none of your truckers ever get into an accident, especially due to cell phone usage. With our trucking insurance, you can protect your company, but how can you prevent this sort of risk from continuously occurring? While interstate truck drivers and all hazmat commercial drivers are forbidden by law to text or use handheld devices while driving, hands free cell phones remain legal to use. It is your job to help employees understand the danger of being on the phone while driving, so become an advocate for safety. You can also think about using different technologies

Advanced Batteries could Result in a more Efficient Fleet!

As an owner of a trucking company, you should always be looking for ways to improve your services, your commercial trucks, and the productivity of your employees. However, what if a new test could result in cost savings, reliable travel, and more efficient vehicles? This is what the volt Lithium-Ion batteries could do in the near future.

In recent news, the U.S. Army has awarded Calstart a contract to test twelve volt Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries in commercial trucks. The chemistry involved could result in fuel savings and greater electrification of trucks. This is the first time a military battery configuration will be tested in commercial fleets. By conducting thorough tests and research on the electric cell, this data could lead to improved energy efficiency and reduced dependence on oil for tractor trailers.

Calstart will begin by testing different Li-Ion chemistries made by three different manufacturers in order to assess which delivers the best performance and reliability on multiple terrains. If the estimations are accurate, this batter technology should withstand the long hours on the road along with fewer replacements, which is what trucking companies need. If the switch to these containers occurs, then productivity could increase as well as timely transports and exports by trucks.

As a professional in the trucking industry, it is your job to make sure all your truckers are safe on the road, especially when it comes to the operation of the battery. Although these changes won’t happen for a couple years, would your drivers know how to handle an issue involving the battery? In addition to training them to solve this kind of problem, your entire fleet should be thoroughly covered with the truck insurance to avoid serious financial loss due to an accident or injury.

At Wolpert Insurance, we have access to U.S. Department of Transportation fleet safety inspectors to help make sure you avoid fines due to failing to comply with federal regulations. If an accident, injury, or liability issue arises due to a mishap, you can be confident in our team to help you find affordable, comprehensive coverage options.