Are Your Drivers Protecting Themselves with Seat Belts?

It’s impossible to monitor your truck drivers while they are out on the road, but you can make sure that you’re doing everything you can to make sure they are following protocol especially in relation to safety. Large or small, trucks require just as much safety as driving a car and if one of your drivers isn’t careful, severe consequences may unfold. Specifically, not wearing seatbelts can be a significant detriment to driver and passenger safety, so we suggest you implement a policy saying that all drivers MUST wear seatbelts. After all, it is the law in Massachusetts.

Why are seatbelts effective ways to prevent driver and passenger injuries? For one, they obviously help halt serious injuries and fatalities. During a crash, a seatbelt helps keep the driver in place, constricting movement so the body does not move with the momentum of the vehicle. And a lesser known fact is that seatbelts also help organs from running into each other during an accident.

However…there are those who simply refuse to wear them all together. It can be a cultural or comfort thing. Some people just weren’t raised to wear seatbelts every time they jumped in a car, and others may just not like wearing them. Other reasons why seatbelts may not be used including infringing on personal freedom, too much trouble, not believing it enhances safety, forgetting or just out of habit.

So what does this all mean? It’s simple, really. Making sure your drivers are always wearing seatbelts may not seem like much, but it may pay dividends in case one of your drivers is involved in an accident with one of your trucks.

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